Alexa Integration Issue with Samsung Q60 Series TV

I have read alot of topics on the issues concerning the inability via Alexa to Turn on Later Generation Samsung Smart TV’s . Clearly with Samsung as large as it is with different business units, I can see the frustration of orchestration between consumer product units and the smartthings IOT unit. With that said, I would like to post the following issue to help narrow down this artery and try and make some progress.

  • I have tried all the magic approaches to try and remedy this situation
  • In simplest terms, it appears that there is a command API flow broken between SmartThings and Samsung TV (Tizen OS) integration model.

Here is the Breakdown of steps and the ST output of the steps

  1. SmartThings Hub Software activated on Q60 Series 55 inch TV with same account as my smartThings hub
  2. Remote Mobile App and IP Remote are enabled in expert settings on the TV
  3. TV recognized and loaded in the ST APP
  4. Smart Skill Enabled in Alexa
  5. saying “Alexa, turn off the Left TV” the action executes without any issue
  6. saying “Alexa, turn on the Left TV” the action fails. the Logs provide this:

** 61c67b75-de95-4e4f-9dea-f833212df72b 12:04:02 PM: debug onOffCommand Right TV: TV does not support on by OCF

** 61c67b75-de95-4e4f-9dea-f833212df72b 12:04:02 PM: debug doesTvSupportOnByOcf Right TV: false

** 61c67b75-de95-4e4f-9dea-f833212df72b 12:04:02 PM: debug doesTvSupportVoice Right TV: true

** 61c67b75-de95-4e4f-9dea-f833212df72b 12:04:02 PM: debug Turn on Right TV

**61c67b75-de95-4e4f-9dea-f833212df72b 12:04:02 PM: debug handlePostV3

This is clearly an issue in how WOL (wake on LAN) and the AIP workflow are working between 2 samsung entities (IS Consumer Products DIV on TIZEN OS and Smartthings)

Development group, can we please make hay around this please. It seems like a simple issue that can be addressed.