SmartThings app versus SmartThings Classic app

My SmartThings app was working fine. Then on Saturday it shows every devices as disconnected.

Strangely when i open my SmartThings Classic app, everything seems to look fine.

should i be concerned? i have tried uninstalling SmartThings app and still no changes

can you control the devices from the classic app? have you reached out to support?


ok. let me reach out to support.
and yes, i can control the devices from classic app.

Good morning @Philly_Hot,

As per Samsung SmartThings SOP. Please continue using the SmartThings Classic app until further notice. You can find more conversations on this subject from SmartThings employees.

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I had the same issue and continued using the classic app, today the classic app stopped working so I was forced to logout and login, then the classic app needed to re-pair with my hub!

Switching to the new app it worked fine but now I’ve lost all of my automation’s! Anyone else in the UK having these issues?

Regards Gareth

Login to the classic app with the new user option. If you still see no devices, check which location the app is set to from the more menu.