Samsung phones not compatible with new app

I have tried both A11 and A21 phones from Boost Mobile, and neither is compatible with the new Smartthings app. Samsung tech support gave me wrong information on the A11 which I bought after returning the A21. Very frustrating. Does anyone have first hand experience with the Samsung A10e, LG K51 or LG Stylo 6?

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I have stumbled onto the solution to this issue. I simply downloaded the app from the Galaxy Store rather than the Play Store, and the installation went off without a hitch. I’m guessing the A21 that I returned on Samsung’s advice would have had success as well. It’s a shame that Samsung hardware and Smartthings “experts” are not aware of this solution. I have wasted a lot of time and energy on this issue.


Thank you for this answer.
I too successfully downloaded the Smart things app from Samsung store after Play store stated “device is not compatible”.
However I still dont have a smart share button available from the drop down menu in Android 10, anyone know if this is fixable too?