SmartThings not compatible after reset to factory settings SAMSUNG A12

Hello pals

I have a Samsung Galaxy A12. It had installed the SmartThings app since some months ago. A few weeks ago I updated the system (accepted update notification) and it was fine. When I received the phone it had Android 11, now the software version shows Android 13 (due the system upgrade?). Yesterday I reset the phone to factory settings to have a clean environment but when installing the apps it says that SmartThings is not compatible with my phone :-/ It does not appear on the search results in playstore and if I open the direct web link to SmartThings in playstore it says is not compatible.

What can I do? I don´t know if it is due the reset to factory settings and new version is not supported by my phone or if it is due the system upgrade from Android 11 to 13… I can´t but another telephone just to install one app. Any suggestions that may help?

Thanks in advance

Search your Samsung Galaxy A12 for the Galaxy Store App. You can install or update Smartthings from there.

Thanks a lot! Problem solved! Maybe the first time also was installed from Galaxy Store but did not remember XD