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New app not compatable samsung galaxy j3?

(The Master) #1

Any reasion why the new app wont work on j3 8.1.0 android. This doesnt make any sence. Is the old app going to be abandoned with this new app not working on all phones. And whats so special about this app that its blocked from running on the j3. Will j3 support be added. Big questions i need answered before i switch.



I’d also like to know if support for this device will be added. The new app will run on my 3 year old Blackberry, but not my brand new Samsung Galaxy J3! Please fix this ASAP!



@The_Master and @dwaram, did you guys email support to let them know about this?



Hi John,

Yes. I have logged a support ticket and am awaiting a response. I will update the thread when I hear back from them.

Thank you.


(The Master) #5

I received a responce… smartthings does not support all new phones. Really is odd not to support a phone running android 8+

The phone software of the galaxy J3 does not meet the requirements needed to run the SmartThings software. If you have any more questions, please contact our technical support department for assistance by



Here’s the response I received:

" I can completely understand the frustrations you are having regarding the inability to utilize the recently purchased J3 mobile device. I have researched and found that the devices that work along the J3 line is the 2017 edition only. At this time, the (2017) J3 mobile device is fully supported with an internal chip of Samsung Exynos 7570.

I want to start by offering my sincerest apologies for not supporting your current device. We here at SmartThings support want to do everything we possibly can to help, to the furthest extent of our capabilities. I’m very sorry for the trouble."

Basically, my version is not supported.