Galaxy Store App doesn't have SmartThings

I have a Samsung Galaxy A12. Google Play store says SmartThings is not compatible with my phone

Galaxy Store App doesn’t find SmartThings to install. Please give me some suggestions.

Do any of these discussions apply to you?

Doesn’t look like it. All of those threads say the solution is to download from the galaxy Store app that you find on your galaxy phone. The OP is saying that smartthings is not available in that App Store. Assuming, of course, that the OP is using the app on the galaxy phone itself, not coming in from the general Internet. :thinking:

Here is the page with the link to download the galaxy store app if for some reason, you don’t have it. But it only works on a Galaxy device.

I saw one of the posts suggests using Galaxy Shop. I did a google search on my phone for that and it appears to be the same thing as Galaxy store. Last night I went to Galaxy Store on my computer and found SmartThings. I copied the link and emailed it to myself so it would show up on my phone email. I clicked the link and I got a message saying this content was not available on my phone. I wonder if my software is the problem. I’m using Android version 12 kernal version 1.49. It says my current software is up to date. Are there any other apps besides SmartThings that will do this?

Unfortunately There are some Samsung phones the Smartthings APP wont work on and the A12is one of them.

Yes I have ATT. So is there another APP I can use?


@KittKat5 How about installing it from

You could try the apk mirror but idk if it will work! Samsung doesnt explain why it wont’t work on the A12. Besides getting another phone you could try a Samsung tablet. Here is a list of phones not compatible with Smartthings

On my phone when I go to the website, there are so many nonsense ads on there it’s hard to figure out what to do. I did find the smart things on my computer and sent a link to my phone. On the link I could see smart things but not way to install it

You have to find the download button and download the .apk file.

Then hit run after it saves or open it in a file explorer.

Assuming it’s Android, it will give a warning saying downloads from unknown sources are unsafe. You might have to enable a setting. Just enable and click install. That’s pretty standard.

I dislike the apk sites. Sometimes like you said they do get cluttered.

Sometimes the download button is a fake. Hop around apk sites.

There’s one where the download button will say the version number. is another one I’ve used.