App not compatible with device

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I migrated from classic app to new ST app & get message that the new app is not compatible with my device. At this point I assume I must buy a new phone, which I don’t want to do. Is there a workaround for this?

Install an older version of the apk. I believe you need a version about 3 versions ago.

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Thanks for the reply…I’m confused now. I have a working version of the ST Classic app on the phone now. I did the migration as I said. I bring up the classic app and at top of the app it says “This location has migrated to the new SmartThings. Get your new SmartThings experience now”. If I click on the “get new experience now” that’s where I get the " your device not compatible with this version.". So are you saying that I need an older version of the “new ST app” or an older version of the “classic ST” app (which I assume I have already & it’s working.
Will this working version I have of the app on my phone stop working in October?

Older version of the new app

… or a newer phone!

But not just any newer phone. My brand new Samsung A21s had exactly the same problem. I did ask in another post if anyone knows what the requirements for the new app are - so far no answers.

Thanks for the reply but I’d rather not buy a new phone just to use ST…I’m not a big cellphone user. I think my best bet is to just buy a new Hub from another manufacturer as it will be much cheaper than a new phone…been looking for an excuse to do so…ST new app just convinced me!

Solved the problem for me.

If you are desperate to gain access to your devices install an app called home remote, gives access to all of your ST devices, you cannot create or edit automations but all devices will show up and be controllable

If I’m honest, it is wayyy better than the ST app, OK it is missing all the automations but as an instant and quick display of devices it blows ST out the water, even in its basic free version