Samsung Oven - Model NE63B8211SS - Hidden SSID not Connecting

Am attempting to connect a Samsung Oven to a Hidden SSID only to discover that it is totally unsupported. Every other device on the face of the planet supports a configuration where a custom or manual SSID configuration can be applied.

Any idea why this would be supported on washers and other smart home appliances, but not a Samsung oven?

I have several smart things devices connected simultaneously to this hidden SSID however this one particular appliance does not work.

It seems completely bizarre that much older appliances would support this type of configuration, however when performing an initial enrollment with this Samsung oven, the device attempts to connect and fails during the registration phase.

I am essentially moving the network to a much more secure design and using VLANs to isolate IoT devices, as well as hiding SSIDs from guests who visit.