Fridge Connection Problem to WiFi Network

Hi, I have a problem with the connection of my refrigerator to the smarThings app.
When I try to connect it to my home wifi (2.4ghz), it cannot connect. From the router logs I see that it connects for a moment and then disconnects (I attach photos).
If I try to connect it to the phone’s hotsport network, it connects without problems. How is it possible? please help me.
p.s.: the MAC address blocking option is not enabled on the router

is your WiFi SSID set to WPA2 only? you can’t use WPA2/WPA3.

yes, it’s only WPA2

You may want to post on the Samsung Community for their appliances. You might find more assistance from staff who monitor their community forum.

our usual comments are:

  • WPA2 only
  • SSIDs with no spaces or special characters
  • passwords with letters/numbers only if I remember correctly

and if the ST app provides any error codes… provide that info. look for a ? mark in the app if that is still available to see if it provides any further assistance.

oh! contact Samsung/SmartThings Support.

I contacted Samsung support via phone, and they told me that it’s not a fridge problem because with the Hotsport connection it connects easily. They listed the features that the wifi connection should have, I set them all in the router, but nothing changes. It does not work.
I don’t know how to solve the problem! :((

It must be frustrating! Place a post over in the Samsung Community Forum for their appliances. You probably will get more advice over there. Go to Samsung’s site and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find their community forum link there.

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