Samsung WW85T554DAW upgrade

We’ve just bought a new washing machine - the Samsung WW85T554DAW.

The machine seems good so far, however it unfortunately doesn’t connect to our WiFi. From what I can tell, the machine doesn’t support WPA3, which has been around since 2018.

Is it possible to upgrade this machine, Samsung? Can the firmware/software be updated to support WPA3?

I’d love to use it with SmartThings, but I can’t sacrifice our WiFi security for a washing machine.

I would advise to set up a Guest network with WPA2 and use the washing machine through that, and make sure you have only 2.4Ghz for it.

Otherwise I am tagging @SamsungZell for further input.

Adding a guest network to Nest WiFi doesn’t add support for different encryption from what I can see.

Sorry to hear that, maybe try the WPA3 transition mode.

According to this article, turning on WPA3 is turning on WPA3 transition mode.

So it appears that the washing machine itself has some issues here.

As @SamsungZell was not replying to this topic, which is genuinely a Samsung SmartThings compatible device issue, I would advise to contact SmartThings or Samsung support in your country.

Anyhow, it will not be fast. And probably you will be told to reset your device, reinstall the app, or maybe even to reset your phone as well.

Either way, the documentation of the washing machine should state the encryption standard what it supports. If WPA3 is not there, then your easiest options are set your network to WPA2, or to add an access point which can be set to WPA2. If WPA3 is there then you might have a hardware issue.

Anyhow, I don’t know where are you living, but must be a really congested area where you can have people just walk by and be in the range of your wifi. If not, and your house is hundreds of meters away from any other property then I would consider that WPA2 is lesser an issue than what you think.

In your case, I would consider more of an issue what devices are connected to your network.

Hi @GSzabados

As far as I can see, the machine doesn’t state what encryption it supports. I can only assume that it doesn’t support WPA3.

We live in an apartment, in the very centre of the city. My partner and I are both WFH software engineers. Whilst I agree that WPA2 is probably enough, if I had to choose between my washing machine and security, I think I’ll choose the latter.

I’ll reach out to Samsung support directly. Thankns!