Samsung multipurpose sensor vibration settings

I just put a vibration sensor on my dryer in an attempt to get notifications when it’s finished. However, the vibration alert doesn’t seem to work well enough. It will trigger with the door closing but not the dryer itself running. I’ve put it in several different places and found the side wall is where the vibration seems to be at the maximum. I mean, it’s a newer model dryer so it’s “quieter” but it still vibrates quite a lot.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Any way to turn down the sensitivity of the sensor or a better way/place I should place it? And help would be appreciated!

The “acceleration = active” event is triggered directly from the Device (not from an interpretation of 3-Axis G-Force values in the Device Handler). Therefore, the sensitivity is set in the firmware, and I don’t think there is a “config” message that can be set to change it. So it just takes a certain minimum G-Force to trigger. Dryers run much smoother than washers, so I’m not surprised if it is too smooth.

A common alternative solution is to put a power metering outlet, or induction power sensor (HEM), in order to detect drop in utilization.


Bummer. Of course I have an electric dryer so I’d need one of the more expensive power meters. I really thought the vibrations would be enough though. I did notice my dryer rocks ever so slightly, mostly noticable on top, any ideas if maybe that will be enough?

power detection is so much better.

to amplify the vibration, you can do a RubeGoldberg long-stick mounted rigidly to the dryer, and put the vibration sensor on the end of that. It would be hilarious.

You can also adjust the dryer feet to be unlevel, and add a pennyweight to unbalance your dryer dryer drum. Bad for your bearings.

IMO these are fun but terrible ideas! Anyway the current Samsung multisensor has not been reliable to detect vibration.


I believe webcore can see the individual 3-axis readings, but I don’t know when the device reports them and if its independent of the “acceleration active” event.

Webcore can see values for the accelerometer however, it looks like it only triggers when the device triggers as active. I guess back to the drawing board. I’ve got one more idea of where to place the sensor and maybe the slight rock of my dryer will be enough to trigger the device.

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Here’s what I did.
Separate magnet from switch and mount the magnet to a convenient spot on the dryer dial. Or, get some smaller ceramic magnets and mount them on the dial.
While observing the switch status on the ST app find the location where the switch closes JUST BEFORE the dryer stops. Usually this is during the “cool down” phase and won’t affect the dryness. You may want to experiment with sensor position using painter’s tape to hold it before you permanently mount the switch.
Granted, it’s not pretty - my laundry is in the basement so I don’t care, and it only triggers on one dryer setting - but I only use “autodry” any way, but it does work.