Device reporting issues becoming disheartening - Multisensor vibration stops

I have an ST multisensor, the one that came with my V2 hub. For the past few weeks it’s been doing a great job reporting vibration on my dryer exhaust vent tube. When the vibration stops, the load is done. Alexa makes the announcement, beautiful.

As of today, the device stops reporting vibration. It reports vibration for the first two minutes, then ceases. I can see the vent tube vibrating! Yet it ceases reporting vibration, and starts reporting only temperature.

What the heck is going on here???

I guess it’s time for a new one then! If you got it with your V2, it’s very old and is probably malfunctioning now. It wouldn’t surprise me, especially considering you had it sitting on a dryer vent for all this time.

I’m trying it as a garage sensor now. Let’s see what happens.

This is just a guess, but any possibility that you fried it? :thinking:

Typically the exhaust from an American dryer at an interior wall is about 125°F, which would be considerably above the operating range for that device.

I realize that you are seeing sensor reports which are much lower than that, but that doesn’t change the fact that dryer exhaust is usually hot.

No fry. Held on with Velcro, with a bit of insulation between it and the duct - which is the flexible stuff, and therefore does not have a flat surface on which to stick the sensor. So the heat radiates away.

But changing the sensor to ‘garage’ seems to have made a difference. I ran a 15 minute cycle, and it reported Vibration the whole time.

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