MultiSense Vibration Sensitivity

Does anyone know if it’s possible to adjust the sensitivity of the vibration sensor on the MultiSense? I was hoping to use this with the Laundry Monitor smartapp to tell me when the dryer was finished. I tried placing it different places on the dryer but it would not keep the sensor detecting the vibration. The dryer seems to be vibrating pretty well… it’s just that the sensor is not picking it up. Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions on where to place it or other things to try to get it to work?

I vaguely recall a discussion about this and they had it on their “todo list”. Considering how long that list is, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I’ve run into this same issue, I have a washer and dryer which are about 5 years old and was only getting vibration ‘active’ when opening/closing the lid/door.

I’ve come up with solution which I’m in process of fully testing, but I’ve attached the multi-sensor to a string and then hung it off the side of the dryer. It seems that since the sensor isn’t attached with the magnet it’s moving around quite a bit more. It’s not staying active during the entire cycle but it turns active several times per minute and is triggering the Laundry Monitor app to report when the load is done.

I’ll keep testing it, but it worked for initial tests.

the ‘string’ fix works well with the dryer. still not getting enough vibration from the washer.

this is the first time i’ve ever complained about a washer/dryer being too quiet :slight_smile:

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Glad to see I’m not othe only person dealing with this! I tried moving my multi around to various places throughout the wash cycle… and the only time it consistently showed “active” was while I moved it. A sensitivity adjustment would be ideal, but I’m going to give the string trick a go.

Just to comment on this, I had the same issue and gave up quickly on it. I’m going to attempt using these to monitor amp draw instead of vibration for activity. Will have to create my own SmartApp of course and hope some of the templates floating around for similar devices can be applied.

There is a larger, 6 outlet version (with 4 controllable), but it’d just sit behind my washer/dryer anyway and be underutilized so buying 2 of these single guys makes a little more sense for cost and to keep it off the ground.

Hey, Brandon.

Yes - a far “smarter” approach for dealing with this smart thing.

Let us know how you get on. We often have funky towels as a result of them sitting in the washer overnight. My plan is to have a bright red night-light in the hallway turn on (and stay on) when the washer is finished, so nobody forgets and goes to bed with wet laundry.

Some day soon, it wouldn’t surprise me to see washers and dryers with built in ZigBee / Z-wave / or WiFi devices. But until then, we’ll get by however we can. :wink:

Hey Brandon, did you give this a whirl yet? I’m interested in this topic since my washer and dryer are evidently not vibrating enough to trigger.

I did give it a try and it works most of the time. I bought two and the one for my washer doesn’t like to update when it should. I think I need to re-pair it with the hub. But otherwise, the dryer works well.

I posted my process here, including device type and smart app:

Anyone figure out how to adjust the sensitivity yet? Bought two multisenses for washer/dryer but neither cause enough vibration…

I think we already knew that they cannot be adjusted. I would suggest going the route I did and use power meters and the app I linked/made. The multisensors are versatile enough to be used somewhere else.

This may be above some people’s skill level or desire for it to work. I have mine attached to the tension spin wheel inside my dryer where the belt spins it while running. So far the tape has held and I’m not sure about battery life. It does however work. It was a major pain to take apart the dryer but since I was repairing it I figured why not try it.

I’ve tried placing a Samsung multisensor in multiple locations on the dryer… they all seem to show “Active” initially… and then give way to inactivity 30sec later… there is noticable vibration on the dryer itself but it seems to consider the vibration “normal” after initially reporting active…

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there another app/device type that can more accurately control vibration threshold? Has anyone found some fool proof spots that don’t require disassembly of the dryer?

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