Samsung MIM-H03 Create new device type to show correct data?

Hi All,

I have been attempting to manually set a Samsung Air-conditioning Wifi Kit (MIM-H03) to a device type within smart things to provide data that a third party app requires to be able to control this device.

When I set the device “type” in Smart things to "Samsung OCF Airconditioner " it provides me data in imperial measurements and the data doesn’t match the actual device settings.

(im new and can only post one photo :slight_smile: )

I have gone through smart things and attempted to find another device type that would provide the correct data without success. Is there somewhere I can create my own device type and apply it to my smart things account or is this something that can only be done by Smart things developers?

The data I require is (home assistant):

  • airConditionerMode
  • airConditionerFanMode
  • temperatureMeasurement
  • thermostatCoolingSetpoint

Optional data:

  • powerConsumptionReport

when connecting directly with the MIM-H03 I can get a curl response of the below data which has all the correct settings that reflect the units state:

(i’m new and can only post one photo :slight_smile: I will post some pics below)

Thanks all!

photo of what the "Samsung OCF Air Conditioner provides

photo of what a “LAN” curl request provides back from the MIM-H03 unit

Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @Derf!
Have you tried to install the device from the SmartThings mobile app?
I mean going to Add (+) > Device > Search for device (look at the picture below) and then follow the instructions.

Once you add it, you’ll see which Device Type it uses and it should refresh accordingly.
If you want to send those values to a third-party, you can create a SmartApp with capabilities subscriptions that will help you receive the update events. Then, you’d decide how to send those values.
For more info:

Let me know if you have any questions.