Ocf device type for a MiniSplit air conditioner

Hi, im trying “customize” a custom DTH i already have for controlling a minisplit air conditioner using a Cuby Smart IR controller (Amazon.com: Cuby Smart - Controlador inteligente de aire acondicionado dividido, compatible con Alexa y Google Home, sensor de temperatura y humedad, control desde cualquier lugar del mundo : Herramientas y Mejoras del Hogar)

by default, the URI Switch DTH its shown in the ST app like a boring switch; but after figuring out how to modify the icons by editing the OCF Device type, i could change the URI Switch icon to a thermostat (using the “oic.d.thermostat” - the one you can see on the left side on next picture), but i want to go further modifying the OCF Device type like a real Samsung mini split A/C Unit like i already have installed on other room

I alredy tried with “oic.d.airconditioner” but it appears like a boring vertical A/C unit…(the right side)

So, whats the OCF Device type code for new appliences??

I will appreciate any comments or help

My friend @nayelyz can probably help you out.

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Hello, @Augusto_Geovanny_Mar.
Can you help me by providing the VID of the mini split device (Recamara Principal), please?
The VID used by the device is included in the “presentationId” property of the devices list.

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Thanks for your response, but I can’t find where is the VID used by the device :slight_smile: could you provide me more details. Thanks in advance

Sure, you need to make a request to the Devices endpoint of the SmartThings API and you can use Postman for this purpose.

  1. Create a Personal Access Token (if you don’t have one yet). Remember to save it securely because it only appears one time.
  2. Select GET in type and copy the URL to make the request https://api.smartthings.com/v1/devices.
  3. Go to the Authorization tab and select Bearer Token, paste the PAT there and click on Send. Eg.
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hey, thanks for your support!

“presentationId”: “DA-AC-RAC-000003”

i got this, its what you need?

Yes, thank you.
I just wanted to confirm this presentation was created specifically by the manufacturer. As I can see from the picture you shared the icon has a special animation.
Up to now, some special presentations are not available for Custom DTH. Even if we use them in our device, the icon is not displayed the same way because they were created for specific devices.

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Ok thanks for the answer and supporting! .so,I’ll keep them as a thermostat :sweat_smile: