Samsung or other brands of air conditioners working with Smartthings

Hi all! Nice to be part of this community. I am just a newbie but thanks to this community I´m learning a lot :slight_smile:

I would need your help regarding air conditioners integration: does anybody know exactly which Samsung Wifi air conditioner works with Smartthings?

I have looked through several threads here but I haven’t honestly found if there is ATM an integration with certain Samsung models.
I am going to buy a Air conditioning for my home and the best option would be a device working “natively” with smartthing, avoiding a IR solution. It doesn´t have to be a Samsung, I was just assuming that there would have been some of their models working with Smartthing; As far as I know, it is not so clear if they do exist.

I got some hope to find some answers when I looked at this Samsung Australia support page:
" . The SmartThings app works with the following Air Conditioner Models:

  • MIM-H03
  • MIM-H03N

I have read also about having indirect integration using IFTTT(, does anybody know which models have IFTTT supportts?

Where can I found a list of air conditioners which have already a solid integration with Smartthings?

I have written to the Samsung support Nordic countries asking if there is any model working with Smartthings, I´ll post here their answer as soon as I get it.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I would install the new app, login with your Samsung account and see which models it lists there. It varies by region.

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Hi Jimmy,

I cannot see any models number with the new Smartthings app.

Add device -> Samsung -> air conditioning -> room air conditioner. It just start to search for a device.

Could you please be more specific?

Here they sell for example the wifi samsung smart home Confort 9 AR09KSFSQWKNEE. Will it work with Smartthings?


On the main page, tap the upper left menu and choose supported devices. Then you can choose air conditioning and view a list of models

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Thank you very much!
I did miss it since the new app update :sweat_smile:

Thanks, now I know what I need :slight_smile:


It looks great :slight_smile:

Great! I’ve been working on one for the Mitsubishi AU/NZ units as well, but it’s not finished as I don’t get much time to mess with it. By the look of the screenshot it looks like this one is also based on the sensibo integration?

Any progress on this?

That’s unfortunate. I doubt Mitsubishi would go to that level of effort considering how little effort they put into the Kumo Cloud mobile app. It’s an open API running on and if they cut that off, they’d be cutting off their own app, too!

Please ask him to reconsider @anon36505037. It’s nothing that hasn’t already been done. It’s just a matter of time…


Just read the below post and am looking for a way to integrate ST with Kumo Cloud. Do you mind letting me know what became of this integration? The discussion ended back in June. Just curious if the solution worked. And if so, would your brother be will to share it with me.

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I am also running several mitsubishi minisplit units with kumo and looking for any ST integration. Very disappointed in mitsubishi on this. Any advice is appreciated