Samsung Air Conditioner - Disabled Abilities

Hi All,

I have a Samsung ducted split system in my house with a MIM-H03 Wi-Fi kit connected. I am trying to automate my air conditioners temperature set point, mode setting and fan setting. My goal is to create a zoned air conditioning system and want to change the temperatures, and modes depending on certain zone condition.

I can see in the new ST Advanced web interface some abilities have been disabled. Does anyone know of a way to enable them? Or a way that I can achieve my goal.

The only abilities that show up in the Smartthings app are On and Off. Some more abilities show up when using the third party platform SharpTools rules builder, but when I try do use them they do not do anything.

I have attached screen shots of the device attributes and abilities for a reference.

Also could somebody please tell me what happens when you type in the box after clicking command (screen shot 3). Does this send the command to the device? If so this is not working.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks every one.

I have exactly the same problem.
Did you ever get a resolution?

Have you tried checking if there’s a way to enable them in the app’s settings? If that doesn’t work, you mentioned using the third-party platform SharpTools rules builder, but it’s not working as expected. Maybe reaching out to their support team could help you troubleshoot the issue. It always depends on an Air Dehumidifier Manufacturer. As for the command box after clicking “command,” it’s possible that typing in it sends the command to the device. However, if it’s not working for you, it might be worth double-checking the device’s settings or contacting Samsung’s customer support.