Samsung KS7000 connection issues


I had the ks7000 tv connected to the smartthings app and all was good :slight_smile:

I then had an issue with the app and the app got reset and i lost all my connected devices :frowning:

I now cannot get the TV to connect back to the smartthings hub, tried turning off tv etc but to no avail

any ideas?

If your TV’s firmware was updated to 1203 or 1206 then integration is broke, see below. If the TV is still on 1201 it should be able to be found.

OK hadn’t thought about that will check version when i get home later

disappointing if it is that as it was useful - i could turn TV off from work when kids were watching - thats my fun gone then potentially

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That friggin 1203 firmware update. It killed my One Connect box. Now, every time I try to go from Netflix/Amazon/etc to Cable, the thing goes offline. I have to unplug the dumb gray cable and plug it back in to watch TV. Thanks Samsung.

Flash it to 1206. It fixed all of my HDMI issues. It didn’t fix the ST though. Waiting to see if it comes back with the Samsung/ST merger beta.

I actually got 1206 on and it seems to have fixed the One Connect. I don’t have a V2 hub, so I can’t get ST on the TV.

I finally got the beta for the account migration. I had the TV working on the Samsung Connect app on my S8+ prior to the merge. I no longer have control and the KS is no longer in the catalog on the Samsung Connect app. Back to square one with a dumb smart TV. My HDMI ports have been solid after 1206.

well it works tried agin last night and it connected - I’m on 1201 :slight_smile:

whats the issue with the HDMI ports that has been mentioned - i havent noticed any issues with my one connect apart from it stopped working and had a replacement sent out

On 1203 some users experienced cut out of signal where the screen and sound would go blank/silent periodically and the setup would lose what was connected to each HDMI port. Dont let your tv update past 1201, you will lose ST integration.

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