Samsung HVAC any good?

Anyone here using Samsung’s split heat pump/cooling units with ST? Any experiences you’d be willing to share, about the integration with ST, or reliability/quality of the products overall would be very welcome.

Eyeing the Samsung DVM S Eco multi-zone split unit to drive 5 or 6 indoor units (ductless and low static ducted) in my (1930s era) home. Seems to use a single WiFi adapter option at the heat pump to manage and control all indoor units (vs. having each unit connected to WiFi). Most installers around these parts (NY/NJ area) are pushing Mitsubishi but Kumo Cloud is not native ST. I could make do with IFTTT/Alexa integration, but prefer native ST (if you have opinions on Mitsubishi multi-zone with branch boxes, those are welcome as well).

Thanks in advance!