Apartment building heat pump

Hi all! Preparing for the next winter and beyond, I just came up with the idea to smartify our apartment’s heat pump.

The pump I’ve got in the apartment is a Carrier40AVL_38AVL.

It has its own IR remote… If that makes things easier?

Anybody here knowledgeable enough to guide me into what modification would I need to do to have the pump join the ST network?

I’ve also got a separate boiler based thermostat with radiators all around the house. But that would not be necessary if I can get the heat pump to do all the cooling/heating jobs…

Ideas? Points for/against this?


I think you in the same boat I’m in. But I was looking at something like sensibo.com to maybe allow controlling my heat pump. And then once that in place it might be able to talk to smarthings. I haven’t gotten to much into it as I don’t have smarththings yet as I’m waiting for Hub V2 before I take the plunge.

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That sensibo gave me an idea! Create some form of logical thermostat and have it act upon an ir blaster?

I think the best thing to do would be to look into Arduino or Spark Core if the SmartThings shields are too hard to find for you. Look at IR blaster modules and a receiver to capture the IR codes, and the libraries that can facilitate that. Haven’t looked but I’m sure there’s something fairly easy out there.

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Kudos on the sensibo find. I didn’t see that post. It would be awesome if that could be integrated into ST. Really it would be nice if there were some generalized “capture / repeat” modules that would work with ST. Like RF for example. I’m working on a project where I capture 433 mhz codes and repeat them to control switches, it’d be nice if there was a product that integrated nice with ST that did these two common functions that I see many people interested in.

Maybe the separate app could take care of the capture and device configuration and just forward finished devices to ST.

Anyway, until that day good luck!

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The HVAC machine has an integrated IR already in place… Tonight I was thinking that the best way would be to have an smartapp that would capture the temperatures in given zones of the flat, and send the on/off/cool/heat/ventilate commands via an IR blaster…

That way I don’t have to open the machine in any case…

If only I knew how to program…

The beauty of modern programming is all that you need is a basic understand of how the logic executes, then find somebody smarter who has done something similar and bend it to your specific needs. Arduino is pretty simple if you’re willing to spend a night of fun / frustration followed by eureka at 1 AM. :wink:

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If only I had the time! LOL!