Moving to ST from Keemple, problem with TRV

Hello, first post here, just not sure if I should go for ST.
I am currently using Keemple and being tired of how bad the app is I was was looking for a new hub. I am considering ST but looking at the forum I see there are currently (always?) some issues with TRVs (sending heating set point) . TRV I use right now is Keemple but it’s just rebrand of Danfoss, except of those I have some sensors and light switches, those should not be a problem but if I can’t set up temperature on thermostats from ST app it’s useless.
My question is, should I wait until devs will fix the problem with TRV or is ST just too unreliable and there are better options for me?

SmartThings is very much in flux just now with a major architecture change slowly rolling out. I think the whole platform is improving but there’s currently a lot of frustration that you’ll see here.

Also you should check if the hub is even available in your country. Samsung has dropped all smart home hardware sold under the SmartThings brand.

Aeotec has taken up marketing some of the former SmartThings devices under their brand. The only currently available hub is the one Aeotec sells. It’s a rebrand of what you’ll see called the V3 hub here and it’s only available in some countries.

Regarding sensors and lights: don’t assume they won’t be a problem. As @JDRoberts always says: “the brand and model matters”.

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What country are you moving to? The device selection, even the hubs available, does vary. :thinking:

I want to use ST in Poland, I know the aeotec is available there.
Ideally I want to replace only hub, as mentioned before the one I have from Keemple is quite unreliable, app works really bad and whole system only allows other Keemple devices so basically no option for further expansion of system. Why I have it in first place? It was installed as standard in the apartment I own.
But would be nice to keep the light switches and TRVs. Is ST something to go for or maybe I should try with home assistant?


What brand and model are your switches? Have you verified that they are compatible with SmartThings already?

You also might want to search the community for “trv” to get more info on those.

Keemple systems use their own brand of Z wave plus devices, most of which are relabeled Danfoss devices.

The sensors should report basic functionality, but might need custom code to report battery life

The switches could be a problem, since they were most popularly sold in a double gang format which may not work well out-of-the-box with smartthings. As I know you know, but the original poster may not, “multi endpoint“ devices have always been a little tricky with smartthings.

Also, the curtain controller will probably require custom code.

So as always, the first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“

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I was able to test smartthings hub with my keemple devices and indeed light switches were working properly but double ones did not (connected but in ST app only display as single)
As for TRV an issue with sending temperature set point to device occurs. I can see temperatures manually set on TRV but when I try to set it via app it does not work. I’ve looked over the forum and this problem is for now not resolved. So changing gateway does not look so simple as I imagined:)

Hi, i also use many keemple stuff with smartthings from long ago and you can easily pair them with smartthings.

The keemple light switches are rebranded neo coolcam ones. You can use edge “zwave switch” driver or look for custom neo coolcam groovy DTH in here:.

Keemple door window sensors are also neo coolcam ones, and they work best with standard zwave door window DTH and locally. There is no edge drivers for those but there is not need for it.

The keemple radiator valves are rebranded z wave popp ones as they also report room temperature, but now you can use them with “zwave radiator thermostat” Groovy DTH from smartthings. The edge termostat driver doesn’t recognize them (keemple ones) yet as their fingerprint is not added and a bit different than popp and Danfos Lc-13 ones. I will make git pull request to smartthings edge z wave termostat edge driver, so I guess it should be handled by it soon.

The keemple two gang switches are Qubino ones and you can use them with either groovy DTH from smartthings “Qubino Flush 2 Relay” or with edge 'zwave switch" one. The difference is that a groovy DTH will add each gang as separate child device while edge driver will add them all as one device using child components, so they cannot be separately recognized by Google Home etc…

Anyway i encourage you to install edge drivers and read how to use them as they are the future of smartthings even though not everything is handled by them yet.

Here you can install them:


@Jakub, if you want to look at other options there is a quite good Polish blog which has all sort of IoT and Home Automation topics.

But @btrial summed up the solution on ST quite well.

All the Keemple devices are rebranded products from white label manufacturers. It depends when your equipment was installed.

The older sets have Qubino/Cockpit devices, like roller shutter controllers, single and dual switch modules, open/close sensors and sockets with power measurement functionality. (Actually the last ones are Philio Technology Corp, and the open/close sensors are recognised as Everspring products as well.)

I didn’t know about the newer ones being Neo Coolcam, they have the same housing as the Fibaro as well, so must be from the same white label factory.