Good HVAC brand to install and integrate with ST? (Spain)

Hi all!

Summer is coming… and I need to cool my house… I have an integrated installation for an HVAC machine…

I am aware that Samsung sells their own HVAC devices. I was in fact going to install one at home with easy integration with ST… BUT!

The guy who might end up installing it (after I purchase it on my own) said that he hasn’t had a good cooling/warming experience with Samsung devices and that there are other brands out there that might do it better for a better price…

Soooo… Logical question here… What shall I do? Shall I “risk” it with a samsung HVAC device and integrate it with ST easily? Or shall I go to another brand… and if so… which one and how do I integrate it?

Usual needs here… ventilation and cooling… not a real need for heating… as the house has centralised heating…

If it can be controlled directly from ST (via a DH or something) ideally it should be controllable via RJ45… Wife doesn’t enjoy the benefits of WiFi…

Thanks in advance people!

IIRC, you’re in Spain?

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Yup, Finally sunny Spain… :slight_smile:

Are you talking about 1/2/3/… standalone AC machines which go on the ceiling of several rooms and independently cool the rooms? Or are you talking about a whole house system with a centralised control/cooling unit?

@danielccm if you have the split AC units - then I use Sensibo pods in my living room and bed room in Spain. They work pretty well.

Centralised unit, yup…

I currently have a Carrier hidden machine, as in it’s hidden away in the ceiling of my house with conduits going to all the rooms… but it doesn’t work… so I have to change it before summer arrives… will look into sensibo… looks cool!

Is the samsung HVAC system really as bad as they tell me? I’m confused! Help people, summer’s coming soon… lol!