Good HVAC brand to install and integrate with ST? (Spain)


(Daniel Consuegra) #1

Hi all!

Summer is coming… and I need to cool my house… I have an integrated installation for an HVAC machine…

I am aware that Samsung sells their own HVAC devices. I was in fact going to install one at home with easy integration with ST… BUT!

The guy who might end up installing it (after I purchase it on my own) said that he hasn’t had a good cooling/warming experience with Samsung devices and that there are other brands out there that might do it better for a better price…

Soooo… Logical question here… What shall I do? Shall I “risk” it with a samsung HVAC device and integrate it with ST easily? Or shall I go to another brand… and if so… which one and how do I integrate it?

Usual needs here… ventilation and cooling… not a real need for heating… as the house has centralised heating…

If it can be controlled directly from ST (via a DH or something) ideally it should be controllable via RJ45… Wife doesn’t enjoy the benefits of WiFi…

Thanks in advance people!


IIRC, you’re in Spain?

(Daniel Consuegra) #3

Yup, Finally sunny Spain… :slight_smile:

(cjcharles) #4

Are you talking about 1/2/3/… standalone AC machines which go on the ceiling of several rooms and independently cool the rooms? Or are you talking about a whole house system with a centralised control/cooling unit?

(Jon) #5

@danielccm if you have the split AC units - then I use Sensibo pods in my living room and bed room in Spain. They work pretty well.

(Daniel Consuegra) #6

Centralised unit, yup…

(Daniel Consuegra) #7

I currently have a Carrier hidden machine, as in it’s hidden away in the ceiling of my house with conduits going to all the rooms… but it doesn’t work… so I have to change it before summer arrives… will look into sensibo… looks cool!

(Daniel Consuegra) #8

Is the samsung HVAC system really as bad as they tell me? I’m confused! Help people, summer’s coming soon… lol!