Samsung hd camera integration

Hey all

I have 4 Samsung hd cameras integrated and they have worked fine for the last year

Recently I installed a new wifi network in my house which my nest outside cameras work off. I’ve kept my existing broadband and smart things and the hd cameras remain on this

Since new wifi - smart things drops connections to the cameras - two of the four will initially connect S when I add them - but the become unnavailble.

I can connect to all four cameras fine via Samsung camera app - so they are all connected to wifi fine and I’ve double checked to make sure they are my existing broad band connection

Any ideas what could be cause if my issue ? I’ve raised it with support but no progress

I can’t understand - does smart things itself connect to the cameras via wifi ? Or z wave ?

I’ve fixed it myself… by moving the cameras to my 5ghz network. Odd that there seems to be inconsistency between the Smart Cam App - where I could view cameras remotely, and smart things which could not connect to to them…

Interesting. I may be looking to purchase some soon so this is good to know.