Wyzecam do work with 5ghz

I installed my cameras with wifi 2.4ghz folliwing the quick guide instructions. Went fine.
After installing them i switched to 5ghz wifi and stopped my 4g data connection.
I was surprise the cameras still work.
Is this possible??


Just because you switched your phone from 2.4 to 5ghz doesn’t mean the camera also switch. It’s still using 2.4ghz.


No it is not. As @Navat604 explained, you seem to be confusing your phone’s connection to your WiFi router/wyzecam cloud with the camera’s own connection to your router.

They actually address this exact question in the FAQ section of their support page

This camera still doesn’t work in anyway with SmartThings, so for me it is a mute point. Would be nice if it did work.

Not sure how that’s relevant to the point of this topic?

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Because the whole topic is not relevant to SmartThings.


Oh please, you’ve been going on for months in other threads about Bond, a device that currently has no SmartThings integration.

Your correct Mark, I was being factious.


OK I used the wrong word. You took it very seriously, I didn’t mean for you to take it like you did. I apologize.

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It’s cool, just didn’t see a reason to give OP a hard time. I apologize as well.

Thank you very much Mark, clear answer.

I think you meant moot point. :smiley:


Except that there is custom firmware updates that open up these cameras for direct LAN connection to ST with the Generic Camera DTH and they can also be integrated through BI.
So before you decide to just attack somebody, you should really educate yourself before proving yourself the fool.

I assume you loose the free cloud storage with the custom firmware?