Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 (available October 10, 2023)

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Samsung also upgraded its SmartThings Find app, which now includes a full-screen map view and a new interface, plus newly registered SmartTags now have a shortcut in the app to find them faster. You do need a newer Samsung device to use the SmartTag2.

More mud at the wall to see what sticks.

I bought new Samsung SmartTag2 and it works fine.
However, there is still big limitation of Samsung SmartThings on this, and that is that information from device, like battery, alarms or location are not available in SmartThings web, API or other places, all values are null. This is the same for first SmartTag and for this new also. It is very shame of Samsung not working this correctly, and is very big limitation for integrations etc.
I am disappointed that this information is not visible in SmartThings cloud (also battery level is on null value).

I cannot seem to get navigate to work at all. Just keep getting the same msg “You arebalready in same location…”

I have purposely moved the smarttag2 to different locations (e.g. apartment next door, 5 floors above, across the street, 2 blocks away etc.) and I still get the same message.

I have reset it/battery out, reinstalled app, everything but still the same frustrating msg. I would love to see it work at least once but I don’t know what else to try.

If not, in the bin it goes.

I would strongly recommend that before you bin the tag you try moving it a bit further away. By using Navigate you are asking for directions to the approximate location of the tag so you can start a search for it and the app seems to be telling you that you are already there.