Samsung Galaxy Phone Update Today Crashing App

The latest Samsung Galaxy update for my S10 Plus is now crashing the SmartThings App and making it unusable.

I’ve sent a note to Samsung support but you may want to tell people NOT to accept the new Samsung phone update.

I image ST support will write back and ask you to clear data cache for the app, if that fails… uninstall/reinstall the app.

Can i have the version please?

I’ve cleared the cache partition via utility menu and uninstalled and reinstalled the app…still crashing…

SmartThings version

Try to restart your phone, clear the app cache before starting it, force close it and try again

I’ve restarted, I’ve cleared all cache, I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing…still crashing. So ironic since I literally have everything Samsung…phones, TVs, Smart Home, Refrigerator (Smart Hub)…I just assumed everything Samsung would work together…only the Samsung SmartThings app is the only one crashing after the smartphone update…LOL

I’m on an S10+ as well. Currently working - but I have no updates offered. What version did your phone go to after the update? Settings > About Phone > Software Information

This was the patch update added this morning…

No patch here. Who’s your carrier? Still would like a screenshot of the menu item I pointed out above. It has all the device software versions in one place.

Verizon…I sent the information you requested above…thanks again for the help…

No worries. Sorry I missed that earlier. Yeah you’re DEFINTIELY at a higher Android Kernel version and Security Enhancements version. Mine are both on Dec 30 versions, yours are Feb 26th. Hooray for AT&T being slow to roll security patches. (I usually hit update on those reflexively, I may hold this month for a bit when it’s offered…)

Definitely open a ST ticket - send both of those screenshots in with the ticket as well as your current app version. If uninstall/reinstall and clearing the app data on the device didn’t help I seriously doubt anything will

@Brad_ST - might have one for the app team - may be some kind of issue introduced with patching on Galaxy devices…

Thanks Nathan,

Yes sent the files and opened a ticket. 2 to 3 day response time is what I was given. That is completely unacceptable in my opinion.


Go to the Galaxy Store… should be an update for “Smartthings framework”. Install it…“should” take care of your problem

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Our One UI update (S10) is available for AT&T by going to settings >software update. I installed earlier today and installed the smartthings framework in the galaxy app store and all is well

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I updated SmartThings Framework via the Samsung Store. Then re-installed SmartThings via PayPal Store and it is still doing the same thing…constant crashing.


sorry to hear that. hoped that might work…otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue

Installed the Framework and re-installed SmartThings…did not make a difference…still constantly crashes.


Appreciate the help but right now I have no SmartThings control via phone which is how I use it. It was working fine until the Samsung update (pic further above). It appears to be some type of security update. Nothing else was affected besides ST.