Samsung Galaxy Phone Update Today Crashing App

This is on Verizon.

Should in actuality be identical firmware with different carrier apps. Very strange. You might try installing a previous version of the app…can be found on If that doesn’t work, there’s almost certainly an issue with your phone

Nathancu and I compared notes and he did not have the update on his S10 on AT&T.

Something with that update killed ST. I worked with the mobile group first and they had me delete cache and do some other things but it didn’t help. In the end they gave up and sent me to ST.

I’m not sure where to go from here. I’m submitting reports via the app crash pop up. Can anyone look at that and tell what is going on?

I have the same update that you have and mine is working fine

Thanks, I’m up for an upgrade and was going to get the new S21 but now having second thoughts and my go back to Apple.

Your on Verizon? My update came in this week. That is when it crashed.

On AT&T myself…got mine today

Got the same update as @troy_owens offered last night from at&t (and decided to pull the trigger on it as he reported success with the store update - thanks would have never thought to check the Galaxy Store after the os update, I’ve gone to great pains to make sure it’s not set to automatic)
…and mine is working.
Checked the versions against your previous screenshot and in addition to having oneui 3.1 Smartthings isn’t crashing and actually ‘feels’ a little snappier. So now the only known differences will be phone specific (corrupted storage of some type?) or carrier specific things?

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Thank you Nathan. I just don’t understand why just that update would affect only SmartThings.

Now to decide whether to go upgrade back to Apple or an S21+.

Appreciate it guys!

another option… wipe out the current phone and do a fresh install :slight_smile:

if that fails, then consider the other options

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Same thing happened to me, entire Smart Home content was deleted. Had to do a complete Factory reboot to Smartthings Hub V.2. Now it is working again, but none of the previously paired devices are recognized and when trying to Pair again, none of the devices will pair. I am thinking the devices are blocking the Pair because they were paired to the old setup. Any suggestions?

I ended up using Google Home to control my Samsung SmartThings Hub. Not perfect but it isn’t crashing…SmartThings app still crashing for me.