Smartthings Samsung phone Android update

Usually St updates arrive via play store, this one arrived via the messy confusing Galaxy store, anyone see anything new because to my eyes it looks the same

Added samsung phone to the title incase its only these devices getting the update

I find that the updates usually preceeds the Play store on the ST store by ~24 hours… Interesting.

Usually the preloaded apps for my Galaxy come from the Galaxy store whether I like it or not. Not SmartThings though. The Galaxy store claims not to have it available for my phone.

Just to be annoying, it usually takes two or three days for the Play store tp work its way around to my phone.

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Just installed on my fire tablet via apk. Don’t notice anything new :thinking: iOS update a couple days ago didn’t have anything new either.

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Same here Jimmy. Nothing noticed, yet.

EDIT: OK MAAAAAAYBE one minor thing - some UI things in the custom presentation beta updated on those devices but I don’ t know if it was the update of the app that did it (clearing cache or something) or the app honoring the custom presentation now…

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I noticed that as well… I don’t think I’ve ever updated ST from the Galaxy Store in the past. :thinking:
Updated my phone and my tablet.

Same here which makes me think the update may have something explicit to Samsung phones and the ST app integration

Oddly the galaxy store showed yesterday’s date for the update but in the play store the same ST app showed no update since the previous update date, you would have thought the galaxy update would have changed the play store date… or not !

Unless moving forward Samsung devices continue to get a slightly different version (speculation)

Just noticed a scene icon is changeable, Who new !

Don’t put much weight behind where it posted. This is following how its come out in ths past. Instead I strongly suspect theres under the hood stuff in custom capability and presentation. The team responsible already mentioned they were due a lot of updates on the client. These updates should be transparent to most users unless youre using one of ths DTHs that have been updated to use the new features.

Just noticed in STHM editing devices seems to not work, tap the top right cog and I’m returned back the same UI

Noticed exactly the same. Here we go again… :man_facepalming:t2:

You have ! Excellent, its not just me then, hopefully ST are aware and looking to fix it soon

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Just as an update, my tablet running STHM has no issues with changing settings

Its just popped up with update available, think I will give that a miss

Tablet ST version working Home monitor
Phone ST version non working

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But again, it might be corrected by signing out and signing back in. Hopefully if someone is experiencing the issue will perform that task then it might help determine if it is due to the app update or not :slight_smile:

Jkp, if I didn’t have everything organised on the home screen I would be happy to do it but I really don’t want to have to re org it all again… although I know within hours curiosity will probably win

For now I’m holding out… ish

STHM settings works on my Amazon tablet with this update installed but…the devices listed for the security arm modes are totally wrong.

Perhaps its just the Galaxy store update thats odd then or oddist

Also, asking for a friend…
How the heck DO you sign out ?

OH wait - you’re on a galaxy device? You CAN’T sign out. It uses your phone’s builtin Samsung ID. (a lot of us have griped about this decision… BTW there is no Galaxy only version - the app just enables/reports features when it detects it on a Samsung device)


STHM editing work fine on my old Samsung Tab S2 with the newest update.

There is no way of signing out on a Samsung device. I can sign out on my Motorola phone.

Oh great…
Updated my samy tablet and STHM appears fine !