Android app crashes including Smartthings. Please read

If you are like me you woke up this morning to find that the smartthings app keeps crashing on your android phone. At first i though i got malware on my phone.

Upon firther investigation, i realised that there are a number of apps that kept crashing and not just smartthings.

This is a general android issue and affects a wide variety of devices.

The problem is an update that came last night for the Android System Webview app. Uninstall the app’s updates and restart your phone.

It should now work fine.


Very timely post @Andremain. I noticed that immediately late yesterday. I was getting pop ups about apps crashing, and I couldn’t even get Gmail to stay open.

I took this opportunity to just start all over again and reset the phone. It’s had so much crap on and off of it lately that a clean slate was needed. I’ll look for that update and see what happens.


Looks like this may effect fully kiosk browser too, just had to revert back the Android System Webview app to get fully to stop crashing. Good times.

Google says they’ve put out a fix for this. If you’re having a problem you might look to see if there is an update from March 23, and then check to see if that’s the one that fixes it or that breaks it. :thinking:. Or you can download it yourself from the play store. Mirror.

Users of recent Samsung phones—Galaxy S20 and S21, Note 20, A50 and A70 series, among others—seem to be the most heavily affected. There are scattered reports of the same problem happening to Pixel, Motorola, and OnePlus phones, though those may be coincidental issues unrelated to the primary problem. Owners of some older Samsung devices, including one J7, are reporting similar issues. The app crashes aren’t limited to any specific subset: applications with more or less any function, from any developer, are crashing repeatedly and without warning.

updated to remove my incorrect statement that it was up to each phone manufacturer to distribute the fix. As @jlv noted below, that applies to security fixes, but not to features like this one. Your phone manufacturer may distribute the fix, but you can also just download it for yourself from the play store.

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That’s not the case for updates of different apps/services (it is true for whole OS updates or security fixes).

WebView is a separately installable/updatable component distributed by Google. Just go here and install the update that fixes the crash:

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Thanks for the correction, I’ve updated my post above. :sunglasses:

Android System Webview as well as Chrome (also the culprit on some phones running older firmware) was updated this morning. Issue should now be resolved

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I did the same. I was probably due anyway as everything is “snappy” again.


My issue started a week ago, as described here. I’ve tried doing all the suggestions and my smartthings app keeps crashing. It’s also started a week ago for someone else i know.