Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Apps keeps freezing

Its doing it a lot. Just got set up last night and when going through the app it completely freezes in anything. It doesn’t matter what you are selecting or loading. The app will freeze up anywhere from 3 seconds up to 10. The app never crashes and it continues to work but it is super frustrating.

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Haven’t noticed that on my Sprint Note 5.

The latest ST update does that to all my android phones and note 5 is one of them. Also crashed when you scroll or jumping to different pages too fast.

I will throw my hat in the ring as a T-Mobile Note 5 owner that is not crashing/freezing in the ST app.

Wish I could be of more help. I am always using the app while on Wi-Fi, never on the mobile network, if that helps.

I have a Note 5 and since about 2 updates ago, it has been garbage. Errors popping up all over, app freezing, and for me, crashing. Not to mention all the design elements that got hosed with the latest update. It is crazy how bad it is. Keep waiting for a fix . . .

Perhaps the differences between the various Note 5 users is hub related?

I will add that my hub is a v2, US customer Rev E, running firmware version 000.014.00026 and the latest Android app.

I am on a v2 hub with latest software all around.

@Belgarion Same setup as you.

It might have to do with the number of devices & SmartApps, or type of devices & SmartApps, or the name of devices & SmartApps, etc. Not sure, but it is extremely annoying and I know that it didn’t start until two updates ago. I think it was version 2.0.7 or something like that.

I doubt it. I only have 10 devices in total and havent really started messing with the Apps yet.