Mobile app stability

I know this had probably been discussed a million times already and that it seems almost unobtainable… But it’s really just a small request…

Can we please get a release of the Android mobile app that does not freeze every 30 seconds? I could probably live with a minute of use, as that’s a 100% improvement… But come on guys…

I guess I should be reasonable. I’ll compromise with 45 seconds but that’s as low as I’m going.


Mine doesn’t freeze…

Mine freezes up periodically (on a Nexus device), but it doesn’t seem time related. Whenever it does freeze, I routinely clear cache before restarting it… just to be on the safe side. It seems that once the cache size gets to ~ 2.45MB, it’s just a matter of time.

Are you using it?? ? ? ? ?


I’ve noticed mine crashes a lot late at night. Usually starting around midnight cst until about 9 am cst.

Maybe it’s the night shift at ST. They are a couple of hours behind me…

I can’t tell based on your post, is this Android or iOS?

iOS is stable albeit slow and cumbersome, but it doesn’t crash anymore.

I’m on Android. It works pretty good during business hours… Lo

I can tell you that this weekend was very frustrating. I have been here since the beta days and this is the the most “patience” I have had to exude.
I have an Android Lollipop phone and a Samsung Galaxy S Tab and both hung probably 50-60 times in the 2 days of installing 10 new devices. Every time I was creating a rule, flipping back and forth or saving changes the screen would go black and I would have to end the task and restart ST.
It has never acted like this since the beginning. I must admit I haven’t used the ST app much since SmartTiles came into the home so this might be Lollipop related.
I haven’t gone to support yet as I wanted to check the forum for ideas; I nothing concrete to give ST for troubleshooting.

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Are the beta days over and I didn’t know? I cannot really tell from my recent experience…

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Mine crashes and hangs like yours does. I keep a settings window open to force close it when I am programming. If I’m just turning on a light or manually running a routine it works ok. Version 2.0.5 seems to be a little better and at least seems to “crash itself” instead of me having to force close more often. I still have the final build of version 1 and am considering going back. It’s a good thing I’m retired. Keeping Smartthings working seems like a job since the release of 2.0. I didn’t upgrade and wish we could go back to pre 2.0 when.things worked pretty good, at least for me.

I use it on my PC with a emulator. (BlueStack)
As the Windows Phone App is Far out of date and fails to install a lot of things