Samsung Flex Washer WV60M9900AW won’t stay connected

I bought a matching washer WV60M9900AW and dryer DVE60M9900W combo brand new which were professionally installed.

The washer and dryer work great with manual controls, but one of the selling points of this washer is that I can start it remotely from work so clothes are ready for transfer when I get home.

I set up the Samsung smart home integration and both appliances appear on my smart app.

If I prep the washer with detergent and hit the smart controls button, the washer will lock the front door and appear to be controllable by the app.

But 5 minutes later, the washer displays as “disconnected” on my app and I can’t remotely do anything.

The dryer is fine, I can remotely start the dryer with smart controls even after many hours delay between hitting the smart control button and activating the dryer.

But the washing machine requires manual intervention to start since it’s always disconnecting. Naturally Samsung support is useless. They just tell me to unplug power and reinstall the smart things app.

My washer and dryer are 5 feet away from a google mesh WiFi point and all other smart devices in the home work fine. Any advice would be appreciated. I’ve been told to return this to Lowe’s, but that seems extreme for what should be a software issue or user interface issue.

Hmmm now the dryer keeps dropping off the network and I can’t check the status of it or control it.

Does anyone actually have these smart appliances working as intended? I don’t know what to do for the washer and dryer pair to keep a connection.