Samsung door / window sensors not working with new V3 app

I purchased around 20 Samsung sensors back in May 2016

I’m gradually finding they are malfunctioning - the disconnect from the hub. I put new battery in - and the light flashes green once and nothing happens. Tried resetting

Is this happening to anyone else ?

Appalling if they only last this long and I have to replace them all !

Actually checking in the old smart things app I can see the devices fine … it’s just the new app …

Assuming they were working correctly in the new app previously, is there any chance that when you reconnected them they picked up a custom device handler that isn’t compatible with the new app?

That’s a very common scenario with the new app, especially with some previous releases. It was just too darn slow compared to Classic, and that would give the appearance the devices were offline or disconnected. Sure, you can have disconnected devices every so often depending on the health of your mesh and device, but most of the time it’s app related as you’ve discovered.

More room for improvement for the new app definitely. It was a whole lot worse not too long ago, which was one of the reasons I didn’t switch until recently.