Some of my devices stopped working

So some of my devices stopped working. This started Sunday 7/9/2023. And while some devices came back online on their own. Others still aren’t working or aren’t working half the time.

Like I have a garage door sensor (basically the same you use on a normal door to tell if it is open or not), and a smart plug that turns on which turns on a fan to blow the exhaust out when the door opens. I have this setup because I found this massively improves the garage to the point cleaning isn’t a problem anymore since the exhaust doesn’t have a chance of staying in the garage…
Anyways, the plug is plugged in and the sensor has full battery. But smart things isn’t seeing them.

Other sensors like the motion sensors that turn on/off lights is a hit or miss.

Is anyone else facing similar problems with their system? Has anyone found a solution?

Were they already running on Edge drivers? If not they’re probably part of the last migration push. Check out this thread for more information. It might be as simple as selecting a different stock driver, if they selected the wrong one when they were migrated, or you may need to install a community driver. If you haven’t been able to figure it out with the information in the link, let us know specific model numbers and we may be able to offer more help.

I didn’t do anything custom and oddly the devices that are messing up is smarthings stuff. Like a Samsung Smartthings Outlet.

I found a way to “fix” it is by telling the item to pair again. But I’m finding sometimes there is massive delays and sometimes smartthings doesn’t see the items anymore. IDK if my hub is going bad. Like other items are working fine. And we are talking about items in the same general area. And nothing is really new with my system other than this. Like it was stable for a good year or so prior with no changes.
It’s all a bit odd

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All three of my contact sensors are acting on. The three axis vibration and temperature all work but the contact portion is hit or miss