Samsung window sensors not available

Hi I’m new to smart things and my windows sensors (smart things devices) keep disconnecting and not working. They work for a few days and then say unavailable. I take the battery out and reset and they work for a few days and the same. This doesn’t seem to be a reliable system and I’m not sure how to fix it. Anyone else have this and what are Samsung doing about it as at the moment I feel I’ve bought into a system that is not fit for purpose as I cannot rely on it. Cheers in advance

Sounds like they are out of range or you’re having some zigbee interference.

Ta- I don’t think it’s that as some are a few feet from the access point. As regards interference what would cause that and how would I rectify it. The access isn’t near my router etc… (About 10ft way which to be honest should be ok as most folk couldn’t do much else anyway). I’m baffled on this.

Also just to clarify, I have lights too and they work fine, plus some plugs and they work. It’s just the window sensors. I’m suspecting it’s an issue with those as why do the other devices work. The lights are Philips hue, the plugs Samsung. However, its the window ones I realty need to work flawlessly as you’d expect security to work. An unreliable security system is pointless. Cheers

Try replacing the battery. It might say it is OK, but I have had luck doing that.