Samsung Dishwasher Won't connect to SmartThings

This weekend I bought a Samsung dishwasher model dw80r9950ug and was pleased to see that it worked with my SmartThings hub. I installed the dishwasher with no problems but have not been able to get it to connect to SmartThings. I have followed the instructions and tried several times with no success. It gives the error code 10-400 after trying to connect to the dishwasher for several minutes.

I click add device in SmartThings and scan the QR code. It tells me to put the dishwasher in Access Point mode and connect to it which I do and then it spends about 5 or more minutes trying to connect before it fails. Any help is appreciated.

things to try:

SSID and password with no special characters or spaces in either
WPA2 only (meaning WPA2/WPA3 probably will not work)
2.4Ghz only
Phone needs to be on the same SSID
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