Samsung Connects, Smart Things and Samsung TV Integration (Dec 2017)--What works together?

I’m new here so forgive me if this has been discussed.

Is there any real news on when these things will be fully integrated?
I recently purchased a Smart Things hub. As some may know, you can only have the Hub connected to one application. You can’t have it on Samsung Connect and the Smart Things app at the same time. Frustrating.
Also, only the KU and KS model televisions are compatible with Smart Things, all other models will not connect. Being that tvs are the second biggest seller, you’d assume that all of them would be integrated with Smart Things, but the isn’t the case. They are however integrated with Samsung Connects, but Connects doesn’t work with Google Home or Alexa which is even more frustrating, but Smart Things is.

Last I heard, the television integration was broken, but I don’t have one so I don’t know if it’s been fixed yet. Probably the best thing is to check with support.

Here’s the community discussion thread on the problem, you can also check there. (This is a clickable link)

As far as Alexa integration, it is supposed to work with the Samsung connect using the exact same Alexa skill as the original hub. I haven’t heard about any problems with that. However, I believe you do have to be using the SmartThings mobile app, not the Samsung connect app, so maybe that’s what you meant.

Also, there is a known issue where smartThings only exposes one “location” to third-party services, including Alexa and IFTTT, and you don’t get to pick which one. :disappointed_relieved: They say they’re working on fixing this, but no timeline.

Since Samsung connect often gets added as a separate location, then that could also be the problem.


I have no idea why but i have smartthings v2 hub and a galaxy s7 edge running both the connect app and smartthings app. Both work perfectly well and both see all of my connected devices without issue

My Tv (linked too above) went through all sorts of connection issues but at the moment the connect app works it perfectly, the st app works it for everything except on. Amazon echo works the tv as long as it is turned on by remote if it has been off for an extended period… ie overnight

So all in all i dont suffer from many of the issues others are seeing… jd’s info above is correct but for whatever reason my personal experience is not that bad

If you joined after may 2017 and have a SmartThings hub, I think you can login to both the SmartThings app and Samsung Connect app with the same credentials.

Oh but you can.

This applies to those who went through the account migration beta as well. I can login to both ST and the Connect apps and see all of my devices in both applications at the same time with my single converted ST to Samsung account.

You can login to both, but you can’t add the Smart Things hub as a device on Connects if it has already been added as a device on the Smart Things app

Mine shows up in Samsung Connect as a device

I did and have… i had Smartthings Hub and Android front end first and then Samsung released Connect which just worked without any problems

just as a data point for anyone interested, i have managed to get my two Samsung TV’s to be added to Google Assistant, and i can turn them off via voice commands. no other voice commands have worked for volume, input, turning them on, etc. i also do not have a ST hub, i just use wifi devices for my home automation solutions (Wemo, Nest, Oittm (Smart Life), others).

i have a UN43MU6300 and a UN55MU6300 (note: not the KS series), both purchased in 2017. both are logged into my Samsung account, and show up under the SmartThings Android app. from there i was able to add them to Google Assistant via the Google Home app. via the ST app i can change the volume and turn them off, but not much else. the app cannot turn the TV’s on, just the “off” feature.

ST chat support tells me i’m a bit of an anomaly, as this functionality should not work. from them: “Not exactly as there’s a few things going on. So at this time the only TV’s that can be connected and working via SmartThings are TV models that have either KS or KU as the 5th and 6th numbers. Your TV models on the account appear to be UN43MU6300 and UN55MU6300 respectively. These TV’s are not even compatible in SmartThings at all, however since they communicate in a different way that allows Samsung Connect to pick them up, you were able to pair them to the account via the cloud to cloud communication in the Connect app so they show up in SmartThings.”

i asked for documentation on commands that should be working, and there is none. even the tech support person seemed genuinely surprised that the TV’s work at all via ST.

“which makes sense as it’s really an unsupported device so we can’t guarantee that the features will work as intended. Not for your TV as it’s a model that isn’t officially compatible. It’s actually pretty amazing you’re able to do as much. Your best bet would be to check out the community to see if anyone else found a way around it here:

so here i am posting my data point. based on anecdotal evidence i read here and elsewhere, i am concerned a FW update could eventually break this “compatibility”. or the service could expand to actually support my TV’s, or maybe unofficially support additional commands in the future, who knows. i just want to turn the TV off, and change the volume, via Google Assistant. everything else can be done through HDMI-CEC if i need to. hope this helps anyone trying to integrate their TV’s!

Okay, so I’ve got started with Smartthings by putting the app on my Shield TV, and my devices thus far are all wifi, so I didn’t need the zigbee or zwave radios… And now I want to add to the system. I’m looking for some clarity between options. I know the smartthings link is available in the US, but I’m in Canada, and for the current price I’d probably be better off with either the v2 hub or samsung connect. Is there any significant issues with using the latter as the main hub? I don’t really need the wifi at the moment but it might come in handy in the future.

It has currently received zero firmware updates. Go v2 hub.

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