Samsung Connect Home and IFTTT

Any plans to integrate Samsung Connect Home and IFTTT?

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You should be able to use the SmartThings/IFTTT channel for your Samsung Connect Home account. We don’t have any deeper integration to announce at this time.

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But if I use the Samsung Connect Home app I can not use the Smartthings app. And a second issue is that I can not ‘claim’ the hub in the Connect Home wifi combo because it does not seem to have a Welcome code that is required bu the Smartthings app.

Follow these steps:

Once you’ve added the Samsung Connect Home to the Samsung Connect App, you’ll be able to use the SmartThings App, as long as the same email address isn’t used as both your SmartThings account and Samsung account. A fix for that issue will be released soon.

Separately from the mobile app, you can set up IFTTT here:

If you run into any more trouble hop on our live chat at

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This may have been discussed elsewhere, but there is the option to add a regular SmartThings hub, but then it ask you for the welcome code that can’t be used because it’s already been setup with SmartThings.

Yes, that’s correct. You cannot currently log into Samsung Connect with your SmartThings account, and if you try to add a hub that is already activated it’ll give you an error.

We’re still in the process of adding support for existing SmartThings accounts into Samsung Connect. Stay tuned over the next month for more news on that.


Thanks, now I see. If I log out of Smartthings app and then log into it using Samsung credentials I see the new Connect Home hub.

Staying tuned… Where might this sort of announcement be released? My tv and fridge are too new to integrate with smartthings without using the Samsung id as the account in smartthings. Almost $10k in looking forward to them being on the same smartthings dashboard as the other 40 smart things.

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Hey Tyler,

I have do my research but still can’t figue it out. I don’t have a smartthing hub and all I have right now is a samsung connect home but I am going to buy smartthing sensors.

  1. My main question now is how can I use my samsung connect home as my hub with the smartthing app?

The connect home is now set up with samsung connect app. I try to use set up the Samsung Connect Home via Smartthing app too but it asks for welcome code even I enter my Samsung Account info. Should I create an Smartthings account with different Email? and what’s next? It will then not ask me for the welcome code?

  1. Does samsung connect home support smartthings sensors without the smartthing hub? Because I counldn’t seem to find the smartthing sensors on the samsung connect app. Don’t want to buy something I can’t use.

I am very new to this so would really appreciate your help please. I felt like I make a mistake to get the samsung connect home to start with if it can’t actually be the smartthing hub and use it with the smartthing app.