New Samsung Mesh Router with ST Built In

I don’t see anyone talking about it yet-- this is interesting:

Wonder if using a few of these in the house would improve Zigbee/ZWave connectivity?

Also good to see Samsung still has faith in our favorite project…


Hey! :grinning:

Take a peek here:

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Anybody know if they sell these things in the stores (U.S.) or must I purchase online with Amazon?

You are responding to a thread which is two years old. A number of things have changed in that time. In particular, a second generation of this device is now available with a different name.

The new WiFi mesh model is just called “SmartThings WiFi,” which makes it hard to search for, but it is sold in some brick and mortar stores. However, some of them still list it on their website under the old “connect Home” name, which is very confusing.

The new model number is ET-WV525. The old model number was ET-WV520. The new model is the one with Plume technology.

In my area, Fry’s carries it in the store, although their website has the picture and description of the old model, but the new model number. :scream:

Yes, sorry realized that. I was referring to the new model (ET-WV525). I’ll try Frys. Just wasn’t sure if places like Best Buy, Walmart, Home Depots carry these things in store or online only.

It does seem that many fewer places carry this model than the regular model and the ADT panel. They may have decided it was too confusing to give shelf space.

If there is still a Sears open near you, they did Carry the original model, I don’t know if they are stocking the new one or not.

Just found it at Fry’s. Seems the only one that carries in store (WV525 new model). Thanks for the help!

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