Split SmartThings Wifi Mesh Network

Ok, so I have 6 of the SmartThings WiFi mesh hubs. I am curious if they all need to be connected to each other in order to properly mesh the WiFi and SmartThings system or if they just need to be connected to the internet.

I have a house and a detached building on my property. There is a network cable running from the house to the detached building. There is a WiFi router on both sides. I have my main hub connected to the main internet router at the house. I can connect the network cable to the main ST hub and extend the wifi network to the shop that way.

My question is then could I just add one wifi hub in the middle of the shop and connect it to the shop wifi router or do all the ST hubs need to communicate directly with each other? I hope that makes sense and I am grateful for any advice offered. I did some searching but couldn’t find an answer to this question. I have attached a basic layout of my property.

I haven’t really decided where I will be putting all the ST hubs. I could use a ST wifi hub on both ends of the network cable if that is better. I could also put a floating ST wifi hub in the covered gazebo. I also have three v3 ST hubs (no wifi). Although, I was thinking about selling those if I didn’t need them.

Samsung has made two models of SmartThings WiFi mesh routers, the original Samsung Connect (released in many countries) and the newer Samsung WiFi with Plume (with a more limited release).

What are the model numbers of your hubs? The meshing works a little differently.

Also, I’m a little confused by the description of your current setup. You mention 2 different existing WiFi routers. Are these extenders or full routers? Are they using the same SSID? Are they already meshed with each other? :thinking:

Thank you for the reply. Yeah, I have the Samsung SmartThings WiFi with Plume. The model number on all 6 are ET-WV525.

We just moved into this house so there really isn’t a current setup. The previous home owner was content with AT&T DSL which was like 10Mbps. When the previous home owner moved out they left a wifi router/extender Linksys Wireless-G Access Point with SES Model WAP54G in upper left corner of the shop building with a CAT 6 cable running from that device to the house.

I had Spectrum come out and install a line to our house to get their Gig service. Spectrum provided one of their modems at the house. I will be connecting the main ST hub to the modem.

First option I see is that I can connect the Linksys access point device to the main ST hub via the CAT 6 cable. Then I can put a ST hub in the middle of the shop area. I am just not sure if everything will work properly if I do that. Although, I just took a closer look at the specs on this device and it is limited to 54Mbps. So I would likely replace this device with something else anyway. Either a ST hub or something else.

Second option is to replace the Linksys access point with a ST hub connected by the CAT 6 cable to the main ST hub and add another ST hub in the middle of the shop building. Or possibly I might be able to extend the CAT 6 cable and just mount that first ST hub in the middle of the building.

Third option is I can put a ST hub in the Gazebo to daisy chain the WiFi signal over to the shop building.

Just wanted to follow up to see if you would explain how the ST wifi with plume hub (ET-WV525) works with it’s mesh system. If I connect one hub to the main hub through a CAT6 cable will that hub still work the same as if it were within signal distance? Your advice is much appreciated.

I don’t think so, but I’m not 100% sure. I would probably ask plume support if they know, but they might send you back to Smartthings support, and it’s very hard to get someone in SmartThings support who knows the Wi-Fi mesh systems. :thinking:

Ok, thank you. I will just have to run some tests and see what happens. I will report back after everything gets setup.

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Hi, I’m curious - were you able to maintain a stable connection on your device when moving throughout your mesh network between the hubs? I have always had problems with dropped connections for all services (Skype, WhatsApp voice/video, Teams, Speedtest etc) when I move between the smart things wifi hubs.

I really don’t use those services a lot and when I do I am stationary so I couldn’t really speak with any experience to your exact situation. I am able to maintain an internet connection as I move from area to area and switch hubs but that doesn’t really answer your question about interruptions in those services.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply, much appreciated.