Samsung connect now with st hub integration

Anyone else notice the st hub is now showing connected devices within the connect app, it also has a secure mode ? No idea what that is and the ability to turn off device firmware updates which has been an issue for some

Connect does seem to be ever evolving it even shows my Sammy tv … With no direct control unless I stream the tv to my phone and on screen is an on off button… stupid they can’t seem to provide on off as a tv switch option in st these days

About a week ago, more and more devices have appeared in my Connect app on my Samsung phone. I haven’t messed with it much beyond it connecting to my Gear watch. I hope to have control of ST from my watch sometime next year.

yup. all my devices with standard handlers seem to show up. anything with a custom handler says Unknown Device. I even setup a test automation and it works well. however, the app constantly becomes unresponsive on my iphone and i have to kill it.

I wouldnt hold your breath on that, Samsung dont seem too fussed about gear watch, i have the s3 so dont get me wrong but it does not seem to be top of there integration strategy

What is new is the ability to switch off firmware updates in st… that is a big deal for some people

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There’s an app on here that holds promise but Samsung seems to be holding it’s approval up for some reason. I would hope Samsung would notice the huge increase in Smartwatch sales recently thanks to the success of the Apple watch series 3. If my Samsung phone and watch start falling too far behind, I have zero qualms switching back to Apple hardware.

Ah HA!! Now I see where that second location came up in SmartThings. I tried deleting it but it would not let me. Looks like I need to open a case with Smartthings about getting the account consolidated. It appears as if that second account in SmartThings is the Samsung Connect on my phone. I added my Ring doorbell to it and it showed up.

I’m still not able to set this up. Do they still have it so you can only set up new ones or reset the one you have?

right now you can only connect to both the ST app and Connect app if you use a Samsung account. You can tell this if you go to and on the second step it shows this: