Gear s3 watch gets connect integration

I’m sure a few peeps are already aware but for those that are not yet, the Samsung gear s3 watch this morning received a major update which included full integration of Samsung connect the Samsung version of Smartthings - ish

The phone app is simply a remote control for the phone app of
Samsung connect but it seems to work well and have the same issues such as listing legacy items that are of no use

Sorry - know this topic is old, but I just got an S3 but I’m not seeing an official ST app - is one still available?

I’ve tried the ‘smarter things’ app, but it seems to be stuck on ‘Processing - Retrieving switches…’

Are you searching for samsung connect ? That is the apps name in the Gear store on the phone, watch development is slow from Samsung and renaming the app even slower

My Answer

He didnt post a screenshot, you did ! The Connect app in the Gear S3 works fine, a little clunky but works fine, i assume JKimrey you have a Samsung phone that has Connect pre installed


Take into consideration the Connect Smartthings phone app is still in develoment, i am pretty sure if you select your watch as a condition it will create a ( MyStatus ) location in your IDE and will show up in Smartthings Classic as a location

Its all a bit hit and miss due to nothing being finished but items connected via St hub and phone do switch on and off so in essence it works fine

Automations shows nothing in the screenshot above, although i do have some the watch app is not seeing them which shows nothing yet is finished

Totally confused here. From my mobile, I installed the app and the selected “Open”. The message said “Check your watch”. On the watch it says “Use your phone to add a device” With what? I don’t see anything/means within the ST Classic app and I don’t see any other app installed on my mobile to do this. What am I missing??

Do you need to have the Connect app installed on your phone first? I’m still on Smartthings Classic and have no plans on switching. But searching in the Galaxy App store from my LG V30 for Connect or Smartthings or even Samsung does not show any results.

I believe you have to have the SmartThings App on your phone and in the Galaxy App Store, you can find the SmartThings app for the Gear S3. It works BUT I do find that sometimes it disconnects from the hub (I am using a Smartthings Hub 2) and I have to wait around 10 seconds before it connects again. Not sure if this is happening with others (I am using a Note 8) but it is annoying as when I get to the door, having to wait that long is too long. I can just punch up the code to my Schlage lock and be in before the button shows.

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I’ve not been able to find the smartthings/connect app in the gear store.
Not having a Samsung phone shouldn’t be a problem? I’m using a Huawei p20.
The watch is a gear S3 classic.
On the phone is Samsung connect, fully installed and running.

I recently upgraded from a Note 4 to a Note 9. After switching phones, my Gear S3 Watch got reset. Samsung Gear, now Samsung Wear does not show the SmartThings app available for download. Anyone knows how I can find the app to install again into my Gear S3?


I can find neither smartthings nor connect app in the app store. What am I missing? Is it not available in in ios version of the store?