Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.43.05

I have followed those steps and do not receive a pop up asking to update.

I did check in the app, however there’s no pop-up for new firmware. So i assumed that our system runs the latest version. However, based on the data presented earlier, our version may not be the latest.

How can we find out which version is the latest for our specific ST Wifi - router module?

This is what we’re checking with the team and we’ll let you know once we get more info.


So the rollout can reach my hub as late as the 25th or it should be done by now?

So happy to see this upgrade coming. Thank you for the update.
Fyi I’m showing the same thing on mine as @ecobiax shows.

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Ok, following up. To check the version in the router, please follow these steps:

Note: The latest one is AVD1 which are the last digits of the “Software model”

  1. For model ET-WV530:
    Tap on the hub icon in the middle of the screen → software version
  2. For model ET-WV525:
    Go to the Router’s detail page → Network status → tap on the hub in the main list → Software version

Hub list sample:

Please, let me know if you have any questions

Where do you specifically go to see the current hub firmware version?

Software version: WV525XXU2AVD1

SmartThings Wifi: Version

Model: SmartThings Wifi 1

Model number: ET-WV525

Software version: WV525XXU2AVD1


Still nothing here

The values you shared are for the Wi-Fi router, not the Hub. Your router already has the latest version.

You should enter in the device that has the icon like the one on the right of this picture:

I renamed mine to office hub. I’m not sure where my Smartthings icon is?

Are the below images what we’re looking for?

No, that’s the Wi-Fi router’s info, there should be two “devices” one is the Wi-Fi router part and the other is the Hub. I noticed they have different icons in the tiles (upper-left corner), this one is for the Hub image.
I don’t know if you can access the related Hub by selecting “Use SmartThings Hub” …

From your first pic, select use SmartThings hub (bottom one listed), one the next screen, select manage SmartThings hub, on the next screen, click the three dots in the upper right corner, click information. The hub firmware information will be shown.

Just to confirm what I am seeing with the home connect (520) device:

The favorites screen (and incarnations of that in prior app versions) has only ever shown one tile for the hub and it’s always been the wifi portion that is identified on a tile:

If I select the wireless hub tile I get:

Then if I click “SmartThings Hub” to the left of the blue slider I get:

All my devices are Z-Wave and there are 25 or so but this page has always indicated zero connected devices. I always assumed that because of the zigbee logo only zigbee devices would be listed.

If I hit the vertical three dot menu icon and choose Information I get:

The name of my hub is currently “hub hub” - the result of an unexpected name change. But no firmware version is displayed.

Is this all as to be expected? It would seem not from some of the other comments but perhaps that just because of the differences between the 520, 525, and 530 devices?

Screen_Recording_20220712-164855_SmartThings (1)

The update still hasn’t appeared for me, I’ve done all the steps, it’s all in the latest version, but the new updates haven’t appeared


Yeah, don’t worry. It seems this is a large roll out so they’re doing it progressively, that’s why they specified it’s from July 11th - 25th.
On the status page, it says this is still in progress.

Okay thanks, I’ll keep waiting

Hi @Garin curiosity question how did you get screenshot display like yours… your display doesn’t look like similar to mine… What’s is the version of your apps ? on android or iPhone I’m on android for myself… My display look like more like / exactly the same as @Jonas_Tavares screenshot.

for my self i can’t see all my mesh WIFI hub like your says (4 child wifi hub)… and also the look when you click on your hub show your main hub and child hub… how did you get this type of interface, did you do somethig particular or which version of your apps… im currently running the last android smartthings apps available…

Thanks in advance!

This is the 2022/05 app update running on iOS - The app reports version 1.6.86. The phone is iOS 15.5.

This is the Samsung Connect Home, US_CA version of the hardware - I think that’s the first of the mesh wifi router products - followed by the Samsung Connect Home Pro and then the SmartThings WiFi

Not sure why it’s different. The original install of Smart Things was done with the “classic” app and then survived through the migration to the current app.

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Have there been issues with this firmware upgrade?? My 3rd Gen smartthings hub running 43.04, connected via ethernet has had a solid blue light and app offline for over 24 hours. Nothing has changed with my network and I have verified internet access. I did hard reboot (unplugged 30 sec) and it went green for a minute and then back to solid blue. Any info would be appreciated, as I have a suspicion due to firmware upgrade as my system has been running flawlessly for years.
Kind Regards, Mark