Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.43.05

No, this process is done automatically, the status page shows this is still in progress:

Is this specific to particular versions (app on iPhone, hub Samsung Connect Home WV520) as there is no firmware version reported on the indicated screen. It does report controller version 2.3.3-2 at the bottom of the screen but no firmware version.

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Oh, sorry, I just have a V2 Hub, I didn’t know the menu changed for Wi-Fi Hubs. Let me check with the team to see if there’s another menu or if this info isn’t exposed.

This is displayed via the old Web GUI so I can get the information easily but I suspect this is a defect in the iPhone app.

I have the v2 hub and the firmware version is displayed in the iOS app.

Ok, I checked with the team and they mentioned there are two parts and each one has its own FW version:

  • Wi-Fi Router
  • ST Hub

In the case of the router, when you enter its details, it prompts you to update the firmware if it’s out of date.

Which version do you see in the router, someone on the engineering team has the, we’ll confirm if this is the one expected.

In the case of the Hub, it doesn’t need you to update it manually, this is the one rolled out by ST (0.43.05).

Both versions can be verified in their corresponding “information” tab, they are independent. You can differentiate them with their device icon, for example, in the picture below, the one on the left is the router and the one on the right is the Hub.

hmmm… This is strange.
The version of my ST Wifi model ET-WV525 is
What are the steps to download the latest firmware for the router module?

Have you followed those steps?

I have followed those steps and do not receive a pop up asking to update.

I did check in the app, however there’s no pop-up for new firmware. So i assumed that our system runs the latest version. However, based on the data presented earlier, our version may not be the latest.

How can we find out which version is the latest for our specific ST Wifi - router module?

This is what we’re checking with the team and we’ll let you know once we get more info.


So the rollout can reach my hub as late as the 25th or it should be done by now?

So happy to see this upgrade coming. Thank you for the update.
Fyi I’m showing the same thing on mine as @ecobiax shows.

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Ok, following up. To check the version in the router, please follow these steps:

Note: The latest one is AVD1 which are the last digits of the “Software model”

  1. For model ET-WV530:
    Tap on the hub icon in the middle of the screen → software version
  2. For model ET-WV525:
    Go to the Router’s detail page → Network status → tap on the hub in the main list → Software version

Hub list sample:

Please, let me know if you have any questions

Where do you specifically go to see the current hub firmware version?

Software version: WV525XXU2AVD1

SmartThings Wifi: Version

Model: SmartThings Wifi 1

Model number: ET-WV525

Software version: WV525XXU2AVD1


Still nothing here

The values you shared are for the Wi-Fi router, not the Hub. Your router already has the latest version.

You should enter in the device that has the icon like the one on the right of this picture:

I renamed mine to office hub. I’m not sure where my Smartthings icon is?

Are the below images what we’re looking for?

No, that’s the Wi-Fi router’s info, there should be two “devices” one is the Wi-Fi router part and the other is the Hub. I noticed they have different icons in the tiles (upper-left corner), this one is for the Hub image.
I don’t know if you can access the related Hub by selecting “Use SmartThings Hub” …