Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Hotfix Notes - 0.47.12

Actually read something else just posted.
Some (about 6) of my dead zigbee samsung branded devices came back to life “random”. But others are still dead.
I have no idea what to believe. :thinking:

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Well… Looks like the 40 or so zigbee devices that I didn’t “fix” have come back to life… And the roughly 10 that I did fix are offline again.

Not ideal, but better than having to fix 40…

Haven’t had time yet to check where thing are with my zwave devices.

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I got the update, zigbee devices are behaving as they were before the hotfix, not a single previously offline zigbee device connected

Thank you! I had 9 Zigbee devices go offline due to the 0.47.10 release. Now with the 0.47.12 everything is back to normal. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep up the good work!

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Is there a way to force the update? Also, I don’t see the release number anywhere in the ST app, just the software version which looks nothing like the release number. Where is the release number listed?

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No way to force the update.

In the ST app, click on your hub->3 dot menu (upper right)->Information. The firmware version will be listed.

You can also find your hub firmware version using the ST Advanced Web App or the community developed ST API Browser+.

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Thanks!! I was able to find it on web app but the iphone ST app is different for some reason and it is listing “Version1.2.00.3040”…

On my wifi hub, it shows version in the app…
Wish ST would get more consistent about their firmware version names. We shouldn’t have to go to a different platform/tool just to see what version is running.

iPhone or Android?

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Digging a bit deeper, on a different screen, it also shows “Software version WV520XXU2AVD1”. (Another totally different naming scheme.)

I believe that is the software version of the router portion of the WiFi hub. The doesn’t look like the ST firmware version. Did you find it on a screen like this?

If so, that’s not the firmware version. I find that by clicking on my hub in the Devices tab->Use SmartThings Hub->Manage SmartThings Hub->3 dot Menu->Information. It should show you the information like what was in my previous post.

Well, you said “In the ST app, click on your hub->3 dot menu (upper right)->Information. The firmware version will be listed.”
When I did that, I got this

Yeah, my bad. I’m not sure what that version represents. You need to be in the ST hub dialog as I described above before going to the 3 dot menu->Information.

that’s similar to what mine looks like as well except shows Version

I wonder if this is due to having the Connect Home and using it for both Wifi and the ST hub? I can only seem to find the firmware number in the web portal (not in my ST app)


When I tap the hub on my devices screen, I get this:

If I tap the 3dot on that screen, and then Information, I get the screen I showed earlier…

With all these conflicting screen paths, why would anyone get frustrated at just how hard it is to get the right information using the primary tool (the app) Smartthings has provided? :person_shrugging::person_gesturing_no::person_facepalming:

Hardware and firmware versions should be easily accessible, in the app, for everything. And which kind of ‘version’ is shown should be clearly labeled. Telling people to go use a tool other than the app shows a consistency problem in the design of the app.

Guessing you have the Connect Home WiFi hub and I have the ST WiFi hub (Plume) which would account for the difference in the UI view. Is the “Devices on network” bubble clickable?

Thank you for the good news, I now was able to successfully use a community made driver for the Harmony Hub, but sadly none of the others LAN base drivers that I need work yet (Hue, TP Link, Lifx and Tuya). Do you know if is there something to be updated in this community made LAN base drivers to work?

SmartThings is working on their own Hue edge driver that you will be migrated to or you can use this one

Here’s tp-link and lifx


None of those two drivers work for me yet

Won’t install or don’t work properly?