Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Hotfix Notes - 0.47.12

Wifi hubs can use LAN based drivers now. In addition to virtual devices that are implemented via LAN Edge drivers, there are LAN Edge drivers for Sonos speakers, Bose speakers, and Wemo devices among others.

yes. I had about 80 zigbee devices. All but 2 were repaired.

OK, I already shared your info with @Kianoosh_Karami as well. Thank you for reaching out.

@Kianoosh_Karami where can I get the hub ID?

So what, I followed the instruction to “try” something then heard about a possible fix. Now I’m stuck with 15 devices and routines to fix because Smartthings development and this group dont communicate with the front line help desk people???

What a Mess!

The rollback should have happened in the first day. BASIC IT you have a rollback plan you can execute quickly.

You all do realize all these failures put our homes security at risk!

When will the VP of development be issuing the apologie for this mess???

This is intern level Quality Assurance.

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You can use the ST Advanced Web App or the community developed ST API Browser+.


So if we followed the suggestion from Smartthings support to try re-pairing just a few zigbee devices, we’re now stuck having manually pair ALL our zigbee devices?!? That’s NOT a satisfactory solution!

How about an option to automatically restore all devices that haven’t been manually paired? Maybe if we send you our hub ID? That would mean I’d only have to pair a few devices instead of over 50!

Actually read something else just posted.
Some (about 6) of my dead zigbee samsung branded devices came back to life “random”. But others are still dead.
I have no idea what to believe. :thinking:

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Well… Looks like the 40 or so zigbee devices that I didn’t “fix” have come back to life… And the roughly 10 that I did fix are offline again.

Not ideal, but better than having to fix 40…

Haven’t had time yet to check where thing are with my zwave devices.

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I got the update, zigbee devices are behaving as they were before the hotfix, not a single previously offline zigbee device connected

Thank you! I had 9 Zigbee devices go offline due to the 0.47.10 release. Now with the 0.47.12 everything is back to normal. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep up the good work!

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Is there a way to force the update? Also, I don’t see the release number anywhere in the ST app, just the software version which looks nothing like the release number. Where is the release number listed?

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No way to force the update.

In the ST app, click on your hub->3 dot menu (upper right)->Information. The firmware version will be listed.

You can also find your hub firmware version using the ST Advanced Web App or the community developed ST API Browser+.

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Thanks!! I was able to find it on web app but the iphone ST app is different for some reason and it is listing “Version1.2.00.3040”…

On my wifi hub, it shows version in the app…
Wish ST would get more consistent about their firmware version names. We shouldn’t have to go to a different platform/tool just to see what version is running.

iPhone or Android?

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Digging a bit deeper, on a different screen, it also shows “Software version WV520XXU2AVD1”. (Another totally different naming scheme.)

I believe that is the software version of the router portion of the WiFi hub. The doesn’t look like the ST firmware version. Did you find it on a screen like this?

If so, that’s not the firmware version. I find that by clicking on my hub in the Devices tab->Use SmartThings Hub->Manage SmartThings Hub->3 dot Menu->Information. It should show you the information like what was in my previous post.

Well, you said “In the ST app, click on your hub->3 dot menu (upper right)->Information. The firmware version will be listed.”
When I did that, I got this

Yeah, my bad. I’m not sure what that version represents. You need to be in the ST hub dialog as I described above before going to the 3 dot menu->Information.