Trouble with Setup

I have a home in an area with essentially no cell phone service in NYState. I have a network extender from Verizon (NJ) and it took a lot of trial and error to initially get the Samsung connect to be configured for wifi. Wifi is now working, but I cannot seem to connect to setup in Samsung connect app. the app sees the device, but tells me it cannot connect to the server. I thought maybe there was a web login, as with other routers, but does not seem to be the case.
My orginal Samsung Smart Things hub got fried when lightning struck my neighbors transformer. Also took out my network router, which is why I purchased the Samsung Connect. While we can connect to internet, I would like to finish configuration and get my smart switches, etc configured.

Could you take the hub somewhere with a better internet connection to set it up then bring it back?
Is it possible to setup a hub on their IDE webpage have you looked on there.