Hub not too Smart!

New Hub owner. The hub can see my soundbar but not my TV. The app shows my tv (Samsung 8 Series), tv software is up-to-date. But the app says otherwise. Any suggestions?

I’m confused. If your TV shows up in the ST app, what makes you think that the hub isn’t aware of it? And if the TV is appearing in the app, why do you say, “the app says otherwise”?


Thanks for responding. I was able to connect my sound bar to the hub to work via Alexa and the app shows it is connected to the hub. But the tv won’t connect to the hub for control.

You said:

And I asked:

You didn’t answer either of those questions. But given your addition of Alexa I’ll ask a 3rd question:

Which “app” are you referring to here? The ST app on your mobile device? The Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device? Something on your TV?

Ok, I will try to answer the questions better. Question 1) I don’t think the hub is aware of it because when I select devices on the ST mobile app it shows me the tv, soundbar and hub, when I select hub, it shows connected devices and the only one connected to the hub is the soundbar. Question 2) when I try to add the tv as a device, it doesn’t appear automatically like the soundbar does, so I try to manually add it and the ST mobile app tells me to update the software on my tv. Question 3) all of my questions refer to the ST app.


OK, so you’re using the new ST app instead of the “Classic” one (from what I’ve read the new app is required for integrating supported Samsung TVs, so that’s correct). I’m not using the new app yet, so don’t know my way around it well enough to know whether or not what you’re seeing is normal. But this guide…

…refers to seeing the TV listed in the Devices screen (which is what you’re seeing), but not as something connected to the hub. Whether that means anything other than they just don’t mention it, I cannot say. What happens if you tap on the TV in the Devices list?