Worthless hub

Samsung hub won’t connect to Samsung smart tv. Useless item to me, surely won’t recommend to anyone looking for dependable hub or tv which either one is the problem.

Is there a downvote button around here?


You can give either to me. I’ll take them. I know how to make them work.


Can understand him being upset about it. Samsung advertises the new TVs as ST compatible. They also advertise the hub as a market ready, plug & play home automation controller. They fail to mention anything about needing apps, some of which are only available from the community developers, or anything about the IDE site and how to use it.

On the other side, he might not have the TV connected correctly. The hub is probably one of the best in home automation hubs at this price point. Samsung has been working on making more of it’s appliances compatible with ST, but that doesn’t mean it’s always as easy as it seems in a commercial to connect everything and have everything play nice.

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