Sample SmartApps

I know the ability to browse the user smart apps was removed, but was there an alternative place to find them?


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if you want to look at the code oby’s link will work… but i still see all the user smartapps in the app and in Where are you not seeing them?

The default mostly SmartThings create apps are there, but now we can no longer see the approved user apps. Is there a special place for them? Or is it a work in progress to show them under a new repository in the future. Or is that option gone forever.

Maybe i’m special, but i see plenty of community apps (Movie):

I was talking from the IDE. That phone app list is not large list of user approved apps they use to have. Actually that list never appeared in the phone app. Plus in the IDE you had access to the code.

There were two sections of smart apps under the IDE. The Basic SmartThings Apps, a small selection of user apps were also there, and the User Approved app sections. There were over one hundred user apps under that section of the IDE.

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Some of them may have been cleaned out but i count over 100 smartapps in the IDE as well (new smartapp > from template) some are community and some are smartthings. I have a feeling once there was a review process anything that didn’t follow the new guidelines was nuked. Though a “smartthings” search in github will produce A LOT of apps and devices if you need code inspiration.

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@sidjohn1 There used to be a ton in the browser smartapps, it was good for ideas and different ways I could use ST. They gave me a lot of ideas, especially newer devices and apps.

The github is good though, just not as many. The code examples are probably cleaner and more reliable so that is good.